Carpentry & Fencing

Masterful carpentry requires the right knowledge, the right people, and the right resources, and Nickell’s has an abundance of all three.

When someone in Columbus needs upscale, professionally-assembled woodworking or secure, long-lasting fencing work completed to exact specifications, they know they can count on Nickell’s for the perfect addition to their property.  We work very diligently to match your existing look and feel, and we keep function in mind just as much as the form when building.

We offer no-obligation consultations and special carpentry financing options – get in touch with Nickell’s today! 

Our Carpentry Services include:

Why Nickell's?

Columbus is not just where we work; it’s where we call home.  That’s why we take the extra special step to create the safest, longest lasting buildings for our family and neighbors.

Nickell’s is proudly family-owned and Columbus-raised, and always will be.  We are proud to have the most knowledgeable team on call, regardless of the type of job, and work with the best raw materials providers in the Midwest.  We can confidently say we are your best option when you need beautiful woodwork done quickly.


Here is just a short list of our specialties.  When it comes to interior and exterior building, restoration, or repair, there is nothing we can’t help fix or create for you.

Roof Repair and Replacement

High-quality roofing that lasts a lifetime, done fast and right.


We are experienced in working with every material in the industry for both interior and exterior needs.

Structural Repair

When time and weather starts threatening the integrity of your property, we can get everything back up to code and safe.

Remodeling and restoration

Let us faithfully recreate whatever you envisioned for your home or work space.

Exterior Repair

From siding to brick facades, we can protect the structure of your building for years to come.


Smart solutions that maximize your budget, save energy, and make the most of your space.